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ill be there, Xenyn (monk)and Zenyn (shammy)
Stillk playing my necro on Cazic-feninro. Hope to see alot of you on the new progression server.
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Guild / Application Info

After over 4 years of continuous raiding on Fippy, Darkblood will be starting another chapter with the release of the recently announced TLP server early this summer. If you are interested in the Darkblood style of EQ, feel free to submit an application.

Guild News

And that was that (at least for now)

ThanarinEQ, Dec 16, 14 11:05 AM.
After four years raiding together on Fippy Darkpaw (or near enough), Darkblood of Solusek Ro has ceased operating as an active raid guild. We could not have asked for a better group of friends and we are thankful to each of you for your friendship, support, time and dedication. Our members made it worth logging in every night. You made this game fun and you made these years the best many of us ever experienced in a game.

The guild will remain active in the game and everyone is welcome to leave some (or all ) of their characters tagged. The website and forums will also remain online and we hope that we all continue to use these forums to stay in touch with each other across new games and servers. Put differently, you never know when Darkblood will be back.

Many members and officers will be moving on to other places and other guilds (even if we know where their true loyalty lies). Many members--including our founders Obsian and Aaliele--will be raiding with Echoes of Elysium; Aaliele will be able to tag you in game. Citizen has also offered to accept our members with a fair DKP conversion and I'm sure many members will go there as well. Lastly some members will be trying out live or Project 99 so keep an eye on the forums to see where they end up.

We accomplished a lot together. Sometimes more than anyone expected of us. And we did it together. 


Edit: Wanted to throw out that a bunch of people are playing of Drinal too. Grazzt, Xanth, Rezz, Simp, Guldail and others are there.

Also there's a poll up for a new progression server and that should be coming up soon (tm). Who knows if there will be a Darkblood there but it would be great to see everyone get back together there under the same tag, whatever it is.

Keep foraging...

ThanarinEQ, Nov 12, 14 12:48 PM.
Pushing through one of the most obnoxious mechanics yet, Fungal Corruption went down Monday. With a couple other new fights on the schedule for this week, expect to see more first kills soon.

Darkblood and the Temple of Brell

ThanarinEQ, Nov 4, 14 11:30 PM.
On to Temple of Brell and Fungal Forest fun

It's off to Tier 8 we go

ThanarinEQ, Oct 21, 14 12:58 PM.
Continuing in the trend of cute representations of fearsome EQ mobs, Cliknar Queen and Brath went down last night to a combined force of old school Fippy raiders.

Tier 7 Time

ThanarinEQ, Sep 23, 14 4:08 PM.
After watching Omidon run in circles for an hour or two, we took down Masked Invaders and made our entrance into Tier 7. 

Well that was easy...

ThanarinEQ, Sep 10, 14 3:26 PM.
After putting it off for a few weeks, we rolled into the Grotto and stomped all over Unburrowing. Target set on the next UF tier.

Underfoot Underway

ThanarinEQ, Aug 19, 14 7:54 PM.
Welcome Fippy and Grunkuck to the farm with more friends on the way soon.

The hits keep coming

ThanarinEQ, Aug 11, 14 10:51 AM.
After a little bit of drama over an early vote, Seeds of Destruction went down without much of a fight. Underfoot is live and it's the first real challenge we've seen in a long time. Take a break from your summer break and check in with Darkblood.

PS -- This update is boring! Submit yours in the forum for DKP prizes. 


Just in the Knick of Time... Another Expansion Beaten in Era!!!

bluedream1, Apr 20, 14 6:15 AM.
It is without a doubt that the Secrets of Faydwer proved to be a challenging expansion for the courageous and persistent members of Darkblood.
However, within the midst of the next expansions release we were able to triumph over Kerafyrm in Crystallos, the Lair of the Awakened - officially beating this expansion in Era once again!
Buckle up tight though because Seeds of Destruction is right around the corner... and it's going to be an awesome ride!

Just a Hop, Jump, and Skip Away....

bluedream1, Mar 4, 14 1:33 AM.
After a difficult struggle against Meldrath himself, Darkblood finally turns Meldrath's Majestic Mansion upside down!
Next stop Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened....

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