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Guild / Application Info

Darkblood is one of the oldest running Everquest guilds, established in 1999 rising to the top of the Solusek Ro server.  We now return to the Fippy server with new Blood!

Summary of Darkblood on Fippy:
-Original leadership since 1999 

-Currently raiding 4 nights a week
(Start time 6 PM PST M/W/F, 4 PM PST Sun) 


Recruiting Requirements: Must be level 85 to raid, but we accept players level 70 plus..
To apply hit the "SIGN UP" button at the top to prompt the application.

Please contact an officer in game after applying or if you have any questions. Officers: Yukan, Trinidy, Aaliele, Obsian, Gornin, Trinculo

We are a PST guild, raids start at 6 PM M/W/F...4PM on Sunday. Currently raiding all high end zones.      
We are few, we are many, we are one...
Is your Blood Dark enough?

Darkblood returns to FippyPaw 2.15.2011

Hi Xenyn!
Hey guys:) It's awesome to see you all still blowing up content. Keep it up!
okay guess its naptime
lol guess we get new claint?
whats up!!! checking in from GUAM!
sod live yet ?
Hey guys spilled sprite in my laptop on Sunday I'll be back on tomorrow evening on a new computer!
3 more lvl's and i am raidable !
Hi from guam!
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Guild News

Well that was easy...

ThanarinEQ, Sep 10, 14 3:26 PM.
After putting it off for a few weeks, we rolled into the Grotto and stomped all over Unburrowing. Target set on the next UF tier.

Underfoot Underway

ThanarinEQ, Aug 19, 14 7:54 PM.
Welcome Fippy and Grunkuck to the farm with more friends on the way soon.

The hits keep coming

ThanarinEQ, Aug 11, 14 10:51 AM.
After a little bit of drama over an early vote, Seeds of Destruction went down without much of a fight. Underfoot is live and it's the first real challenge we've seen in a long time. Take a break from your summer break and check in with Darkblood.

PS -- This update is boring! Submit yours in the forum for DKP prizes. 


Just in the Knick of Time... Another Expansion Beaten in Era!!!

bluedream1, Apr 20, 14 6:15 AM.
It is without a doubt that the Secrets of Faydwer proved to be a challenging expansion for the courageous and persistent members of Darkblood.
However, within the midst of the next expansions release we were able to triumph over Kerafyrm in Crystallos, the Lair of the Awakened - officially beating this expansion in Era once again!
Buckle up tight though because Seeds of Destruction is right around the corner... and it's going to be an awesome ride!

Just a Hop, Jump, and Skip Away....

bluedream1, Mar 4, 14 1:33 AM.
After a difficult struggle against Meldrath himself, Darkblood finally turns Meldrath's Majestic Mansion upside down!
Next stop Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened....

Darkblood Defeats Another Expansion in Era!

bluedream1, Dec 6, 13 4:41 PM.
We have done it again! Darkblood of Solusek Ro defeats The Buried Sea while hardly breaking a sweat.
This is the thirteenth expansion Darkblood has successfully completed on Fippy Darkpaw, only seven more to go!

Darkblood Enters Solteris....

bluedream1, Oct 17, 13 10:03 PM.
Darkblood breaches the barriers of Solteris, the Throne of Ro awaiting to unlock the mysteries that lay ahead....

Darkblood Beats The Serpent's Spine ~~ In Record Time!

Obsianfear, Aug 29, 13 1:51 AM.
About 6 weeks into The Serpent's Spine expansion releasing, Darkblood puts the entire expansion on it's back and on farm status! 

Six weeks of raiding in a; Methodical, Aggressive and Progressive, Cool, Calm, FUN way... Lead to an amazing one sided victory!

856 Days and Counting

Obsianfear, Jun 21, 13 1:00 AM.
Darkblood of Solusek Ro is an end game raid guild that has stood the test of time and been on Fippy since its beginning. We have a solid core of active players that have helped create a fun environment for people to log in, raid, group, quest, flag and work on general character progression. We work as a team to help individuals progress to become a better guild.

We have beaten POR and are now waiting on TSS to launch. We are currently farming Demi, POR, Anguish, Vishimtar and POR backflag targets.

We raid Monday Wednesday and Friday from 6 PM until 10 PM PST, and Sundays from 4 pm until 8-10 PM PST.

Recruiting needs and details on our policies can be found here on our web site.

Additionally, Darkblood has begun an early applicant system for players that don't have the levels or AAs we require to raid, but have the time, dedication and desire to acheive these requirements and one day be an active contributor on raids. Our current requirements to raid are level 70 and 150 AAs. If you are below these requirements, but are interested in joining DB, you would be welcome to apply for our early applicant status. This is an excellent way to be a part of the guild, get to know our members, get groups much easier, and get current with flags of all kinds. Darkblood has been on this server since it's inception and has a core of dedicated players that have a desire to help this guild to continue to be a fun environment for people to log in, chat, quest, group, complete flags, and raid.
If you feel you have the time and desire to get caught up to be an active raider in a guild that is focused on raiding current content, or if you have general inquiries in regards to the guild policies, feel free to send a tell to Bluedream, Yukan, Gornin, Trinculo Aaliele or Obsian.

Tich err Darkblood kills Sullon Zek!

Obsianfear, May 27, 13 6:26 PM.
We've been a bit behind lately, mopping up in Demi... Still farming Anguish and even Vish.  But in recent weeks we've ventured into PoR and even killed most of the named in Theatre of Blood!
However the big excitement in PoR came from a fight that Tich had started with his friends... but in the end it was just him and Sullon.... and Tich won! As to his secret? I'm not telling... he might harm touch me!

Recruitment - Based on Need
BardHigh Apply
BeastlordMedium Apply
BerserkerLow Apply
ClericMedium Apply
DruidHigh Apply
EnchanterLow Apply
MagicianLow Apply
MonkMedium Apply
NecromancerLow Apply
PaladinHigh Apply
RangerMediun Apply
RogueMedium Apply
ShadowknightLow Apply
ShamanMedium Apply
WarriorHigh Apply
WizardLow Apply
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